Some recent meetings


Tuesday 25th Oct 2016

We had a fascinating and useful pre lunch talk by Karen Hadley a member of Dementia Friends who help to guide those who encounter or care for sufferers with this condition. She likened it to using a  library of memory, top shell newest  lower levels progressively  older and finding the highest levels progressive disappear. The symptoms of current behaviour can often be  associated with earlier life experience. By getting us to  work on a typical situation she illustrated  that there is no single solution and showed that it really is possible to live well with dementia and there is more to a person thanth dementia. Thank you Karen!

Tuesday 29th Nov

We had a pre-lunch talk from Alex Gloster Lunch meeting may be speakerwho is part of a term to guide the public locally  to avoid becoming a victim of cyber crime. Although people are aware that it has become “big business” it is still easy to be tripped by by pfishing and false emails. We were led through  the techniques and sharp eyes needed to avoid many traps. Whether tyro or expert we all learned something.

Summer outing 20th  June 2017

Our trip this year was to  in the direction of The Forest of Dean to the International Centre for Birds of Prey. Those of us who expected to see only  a few  common European birds, with a small display, were very surprised to see in excess of 200 birds, kept in good conditions. The guided tour  and later  big open field display brought it home to us  that population growth and misuse of antibiotics has had an adverse effect on birds of prey. It is now necessary  for vultures to be captive bred at the centre to help re-establish  them  as the main  recycling “employee” in some parts of India .

The weather was perfect with a mere 5 minute drive to an al-fresco lunch at the Kilcot Inn. This lovely pub  specialises in local

Lunch is on the way

produce  as well as the usual dishes. Our palates were tempted with Wye Valley beef, wild boar and local asparagus while under the shade of the thatch parasols. The lunch was nicely relaxed with no rush; idea for the Probus set!

We said farewell to Kilcot and continued on our way home via Hilliards Garden Centre.  We had time for refreshments and some garden retail therapy.

Voted to be a very good day; thanks again to  Dennis and Chris.

September 26th

We had a speaker at this meeting, David Gelsthorpe-Hil, who told the story of “Building a School in Sierra Leone and our local Charity “Go the Extra Mile”. They succeed  in extremely effective hands on benefit direct to the school avoiding much of the bureaucracy and waste surrounding some large traditional charities.






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