Welcome To Rugby Probus

William Webb Ellis running with the ball
William Webb Ellis running with the ball

Welcome to Rugby Probus Club, which has run since 1982 in this historic town, which gave its name in the 19th century to the now global game of Rugby Football. Our members are drawn mainly from the town and the surrounding countryside of Warwickshire and Northamptonshire.

What is  Rugby Probus?brand

Rugby Probus is one of many similar Clubs through UK and some overseas. All operate independently and to a large extent they have evolved to suit the style and wishes of members. They are neither political nor religious and exist to provide a pleasant social setting where like minds can enjoy good company.

What do we do?

Ten regular meetings for members and their friends are held on the last Tuesday of the month,. Most of these are held at a local hotel where a drink and a 3-course lunch is enjoyed with the minimum of formality. Every second meeting begins earlier to allow time for an invited guest speaker to give a short lecture before joining us for lunch. Apart from some guest speakers these lunch meeting are essentially a male activity, but at other meetings we choose activities to which wives, partners and other ladies are most welcome and can become the majority. Every year begins with a Ladies’ Lunch and other activities for both sexes are spaced throughout the year. In 2017 the highlights include, an auctioneers visit, a Forest of Dean themed menu lunch following a guided tour and display at an international  bird of prey breeding centre and a picnic followed by a musical at Kilworth House.

Who is invited to join?

Club members are mainly either fully or partially retired from a sufficiently wide range of occupations and attendant life experiences to make a very eclectic and stimulating social group. Because the regular ten meetings are essentially for men, only men may join and ladies are then invited to our other activities. There are no formal qualifications for men to join – just approach our secretary through the contact link below .


Does it sound interesting to you? Get in touch through our contact page here.

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